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Wan's first crime was ... Actually, Wan's first crime was probably petty theft. Maybe property damage.

But Wan's first major crime was to steal the power of fire from the lionturtle that his city resided on, and use it to try to overthrow the city's rulers, the Chou Family.

For that, he was exiled to the Spirit Wilds.

His second (major) crime was to free Vaatu, the Spirit of Darkness and Chaos, from his counterpart Raava's restraints.

For that, he ended up on a quest to receive the elements of Air, Water and Earth from the other lionturtles and, with Raava, defeat Vaatu before he can cover the world in darkness.

But no pressure it's all fine.

[OOC: Useful information! Wan is from the Avatar-the-Last-Airbender-universe, but so far in the past (ten thousand years) that it's virtually unrecognisable. There are no nations, only independent city states on the backs of lion turtles, most of whom believe themselves to be the only ones. Everywhere else is covered by the Spirit Wilds, a Miyazaki film place where nature runs wild and spirits roam freely.

Wan himself is somewhere between Korra and Mako in height, which probably makes him about average, relatively well-built if a touch lanky, and somewhere in his late teens, although it's entirely unclear precisely where. Like people from the Fire Nation, he's South-East Asian looking, has dark hair (in his case, quite a lot of it) and yellow eyes.

As far as skills go, Wan is acrobatic and an excellent free-runner, bordering on 'could be a member of the Batfamily' levels; a master Firebender (and, in a sense, the developer of Firebending, being the creator of the Dancing Dragon form and the first person to use it with any more skill or complexity than 'point and shoot'); and will at some point be a master Airbender and a proficient if not exactly inspiring Waterbender and Earthbender.

He's also tricksy like a foxdolphin.]

[Disclaimer: Wan is from name of Avatar: Legend of Korra, and is the property of name of Nickelodeon, Bryan Konietzo and Michael Dante DiMartino. They appear here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.]
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